Project Description

Toolful Coach

by Laura Komócsin

This book is unique in many respects: 1. The author gathered in one place 13 coaching frameworks and 150 coaching tools from a variety of disciplines, including professional coaching, psychology, training, and business management. 2. It introduces a new model for the coaching process (SPARKLE), organizes and leads the reader through available tools in accordance with different phases of this model. 3. It combines theory and practice, providing not only a list and description of coaching tools but also valuable illustrations by way of many insightful “one-minute” case studies. 4. To facilitate implementation by the reader, four categories (life coaching, career coaching, business coaching and executive coaching) are set forth, with each tool listed in the Table of Contents falling where it fits best. Laura Komócsin was the founder chairman of the Hungarian Chapter of the International Coach Federation. She successfully supported as a coach executives of several large companies, like Deutsche Telekom, Telenor, MTV, Erste bank, TNT, Kraft, AMEX, UPC, Vodafone, TESCO etc. She is ranked as the No. 1 Coach in Hungary. Thus far, she has published three best-selling coaching books in Hungary. When her first book was published she received several requests from US to Germany to translate it into English. While there are a substantial number of coaching books, the feedback she received was that her book, which contains an extensive overview of coaching models and tools, is unique in its kind and would be valuable to a larger, international audience. Her model consists of assisting the coach in following the natural flow and stages of a typical coaching process. SPARKLE is an acronym comprised of seven stages whereby each letter represents a step in the coaching process. S Situation P Positioning A Alternatives R Route K Key obstacles L Leverage E Evaluation References: Great tips for coaches! Practical tools that you can use! Marshall Goldsmith, the Most Influential Leadership Thinker in the world. (Harvard Business Review) Laura is very knowledgeable and has an excellent under standing of coaching. She describes coachees as diamonds and herself the diamond polisher. I feel that her book will be both valuable, and enjoyable to many coaches. Sir John Whitmore PhD, #1 Business coach (The Independent), Bestselling Author of Coaching for Performance and developer of the best known coaching model, GROW. This book is extremely comprehensive and a terrific addition to every coach’s tool-kit to significantly increase coaching effectiveness. Laura’s extensive knowledge of coaching shines through and she has produced a book that amalgamates her work with the work of many leaders in the coaching field to produce ‘a whole that is much greater than the sum of the parts’. Graham Alexander, Originator of the GROW Model, and author of SuperCoaching and Tales from the Top, Alexander Founder A unique and meaningful addition to every coach’s professional library… to support their finest coaching whether at a masterful or beginner level. Incorporating many case studies provides in-depth examples and context as a springboard for bringing the information into reality with clients immediately. Bobette Reeder, MEd, MCC, Past President – Inter national Coach Federation, Co-founder – Conversation Among Masters, Co-founder – The Coach Initiative In Toolful Coach, Laura Komócsin has done an incredible job of compiling dozens and dozens of valuable coaching models, tools, resources, examples, and case studies which collectively translates into an invaluable, and easy to access, resource for any serious coach. Steve Mitten CPCC, MCC, President ACOACH4U.COM This toolkit is an extraordinary work. It should be a ‘must have’ in every coach’s toolbox. Gerard O’Donovan, Owner and Founder of Noble Manhattan Coaching, President – International Institute of Coaching